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Strikes Against Cancer In The News

Our recent news is below, to see key news items from 2011 & 2012, please see our Past News


“The Meaning of our Strikes Against Cancer K Logo”

  1. In baseball, scorekeepers use a Backwards K when a batter Strikes Out Looking called 3rd Strike.
  2. When a batter ends the inning the inning Looking at a called 3rd Strike the Backwards K is Circled signifying the End of the inning.
  3. The Strikes Against Cancer organizations has introduced our New Backwards K Logo for significance and awareness.
  1. The Backwards K represents our Counting on You, Your Teams Strikes Pledges, and pounding the zone consistently Throwing Strikes.  You, personally challenging yourself, fighting to get better everyday, rising your game throughout the year to reach your goals get that coveted Champion K Ring.
    1. You are truly the Super Hero’s who come out, compete, and play the toughest teams in the Southwest for two days straight.  Playing, Back to Back Games, to be exalted as Super Hero into the Strikes Against Cancer arena of Champions!
    2. Upon your affirmation, Young Super Hero, the Champion will secure the Ring of Baseball Warrior.
  2. The Teal Field represents the Endometrial, and Ovarian Cancer battle of our inspirational leader, Lisa Cox’s spirit, will continue to guide us in everything that we do and everything that we strive to become as an organization. Our mission remains the same: We will continue to “Fight Cancer, One Strike at a Time” in the honor of all women battling this disease, knowing that Lisa’s fight was nothing short of legendary. She never gave up. She never quit inspiring. She never quit fighting.
  3. The Black Circle symbolizes Melanoma Cancer, and our quest to End every form of this terrible disease.
  4. The Red Field represents our passion to raise funds for clinical cancer research, and the much needed Blood Donations for Cancer patients. 85 to 90% of all Blood Donations go to Cancer Patients after Chemo treatments.
  5. The splashes of Pink is for Breast and Over-all Cancer Awareness. 



McKinney Convention and Visitors Bureau Tourism Partner of the Year Award

February 15th, 2013

Strikes Against Cancer received the McKinney Convention and Visitors Bureau Tourism Partner of the Year Award for 2013for the organization’s economic impact both to the City of McKinney and for cancer research. Strikes Against Cancer was also honored with this award because of the positive attention the organization has garnered for the city and for young ball players making a difference in the fight against cancer.


McKinney Online supports Strikes Against Cancer and 3rd Annual Spring Tournament February 13th, 2013 McKinney Online is helping the community “gear up” for the 3rd Annual Strikes Against Cancer Baseball tournament and asking the community if we can count on them to support fighting cancer, one strike at a time?. The story provides a short history of Strikes Against Cancer and features pictures of the 2012 donations from the Collin County Baseball Umpires association and Michael Johnson Performance CenterThe complete article can read at: McKinney Online: Strikes Against Cancer Gearing up for Annual TournamentThank you for your support!


ESPN Dallas Snow Day

December 3rd, 2013

Strikes Against Cancer was blessed to participate in the 2012 Snow Day hosted by ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM!! It was an amazing afternoon spent with our gracious ESPN Dallas hosts at the House of Blues in downtown Dallas. Sports fans from all over the Metroplex joined several Strikes Against Cancers volunteers and supporters as found Geordon Cox was interviewed as part of the “Galloway and Company” prime time radio show.

An amazing afternoon was has had by all!


The Mayor of McKinney and City Council Sign Proclamation of Strikes Against Cancer Weekend
The Mayor of McKinney, Brian Loughmiller, and the City Council announce the Proclamation of Strikes Against Cancer Weekend the first weekend of every May! The Mayor, and the City of McKinney also publish a letter welcoming all select travel teams to the Strikes Against Cancer Tournament.

On October 18th, 2011, The Mayor of McKinney, Brain Loughmiller, and the City Council signed a Proclamation that the First Weekend of every May will be forever known as “Strikes Against Cancer Weekend” for Geordon and his mother Lisa.


Why does Geordon Wear #21?  “If Ever 2 were 1, Surely We!”

Geordon’s Grandmother, Rosemary Cox, had his dad Adam read the book, “The Pride of Puerto Rico, The Life of Roberto Clemente” due to his great humanitarian efforts.  When Adam played ball he wore #17 for “Cool Papa Bell”, #21 for Roberto Clemente, and #25 or #29 for Satchel Paige.  Adam made Geordon read the same book, along with Jackie Robinson, and Satchel Paige

Rosemary, dying of Lymphoma said, “I’ll never see my Grandson play baseball”.  Rosemary Cox passed away on the 21st of February 2002.  Geordon went on to play Select Baseball and High School Baseball at Melissa High School wearing #21 to honor Roberto Clemente, and most importantly, for his Grandmother Rosemary Cox.    “If Ever 2 were 1, Surely We!”


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