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Robbie Robertson

Remembering Coach Robbie Robertson


Robbie Robertson was called by Lord to returned home on March 15th 2012. Please know that while he waged an amazing fight, he did not suffer and passed peacefully. He was surrounded by his family, Danielle, and also myself. He was extremely comfortable in the knowledge that he was being called home, and that his children were going to be taken care of.

Even in his most challenging hours, Robbie remained larger than life. Several of the Baylor Medical Center staff made comments to the family that they “had not seen this many people come to see a single patient in years”. As well, Robbie’s progress was being followed throughout the hospital staff, as he was known as “The guy who came in followed by an entire baseball team”.

As well, we have created college savings accounts in the name of Riley & Maggie Robertson. If you’d like information on these accounts and/or would like to support Riley & Maggie in this way, please contact Eric Power at 214-697-7237 or Any checks will need to be made out to Riley Robertson and will be deposited into the accounts equally. These checks can be sent to Eric Power, 3104 Robert Drive, Richardson, Texas 75082 or direct to their Paypal account. Please follow the link.


Baseball brought Robbie new lifelong friends and expanded his reach in the community. He took tremendous pride in his involvement with the Strikes Against Cancer organization, becoming the face of the organization during the annual tournament in May. Robbie felt it was the best job he’d ever had and brought true passion to the fundraising efforts. Numerous baseball & softball clubs have felt the loss of Robbie’s passing and have already begun to work towards honoring his legacy.

To Robbie’s friends,

Words cannot express how grateful we have been to experience our son through the eyes of his friends and to meet the people that touched his life. Your support and love during this time was overwhelming and helped us get through the most difficult thing a parent ever has to do. Our hope is that you continue to surround Robbie’s family with your support and love.

Life can change in a moment; hug your children (no matter their age) at every opportunity. May God bless each and every one of you.

Pam & Bill Robertson

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