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Our First Vice President Robbie Robertson


Remembering Coach Robbie!


Robbie knew that Strikes Against Cancer was going to be significant.  I remember calling him…  He said, “This is going to be Huge and be greater than Us.”  Robbie was right.

Robbie Robertson was called by Lord to returned home on March 15th 2012. Even in his most challenging hours, Robbie remained larger than life.

You could hear his voice ring throughout a ballpark from several fields over and know that Coach Robbie was in the park… “That’a Kid!”

I think for all of us that knew Robbie, his favorite saying to a player was, “Try not to Suck!” Off the cuff we think sounds crass as parents. But Robbie had his own special way with children to cut the tension, make them relax, and bring an immense smile to their face to give them the confidence they needed at the moment.  That was Robbie’s gift to the game and our children.

Always looking for a laugh, but what’s more, Robbie was obsessed with Baseball Fundamentals, Mechanics, and Teaching. He would test children in tryouts to see how they receive information and if they would be coach-able.

Proudly, we can say that Robbie has vaulted players to the High School Varsity Level throughout the North Texas Community and are now moving onto College due his passion, love, and respect for the game.

We love you forever, and think of you everyday Coach Robbie…

Peace, Happiness and over Lives are Blessed for crossing Paths,



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