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Why Geordon wears 21.  

Geordon’s Grandmother, Rosemary Cox, had his dad, Adam, read the book when he was young. “The Pride of Puerto Rico” The Life of Roberto Clemente, due to his great humanitarian efforts.  When Adam played ball he wore #17 for “Cool Papa Bell”, #21 for Roberto Clemente, and #25 or #29 for Satchel Paige.  Adam made Geordon read the same book, along with Jackie Robinson, and Satchel Paige

Rosemary, dying of Lymphoma said, “I’ll never see my Grandson play baseball”.  Rosemary Cox passed away on the 21st of February 2002.  Geordon went on to play Select Baseball and High School Baseball at Melissa High School wearing #21 to honor Roberto Clemente, and for his Grandmother Rosemary Cox.    “If Ever 2 were 1, Surely We!”


Your donation to Strikes Against Cancer funds critical cancer research. All Strikes Against Cancer proceeds go to benefit cancer research and related programs. Strikes Against Cancer Federal Tax ID number or EIN is: 27-4491058.

Strikes Against Cancer is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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Donate per strike for a pitcher, team, tournament, season or time period of your choice using the LaunchTrack Pledge Forms. Here are some examples to help you decide a fun and appropriate way to donate:

Sponsor a pitcher for every strike thrown for a season. In 2013, Geordon Cox threw 515 strikes. A pledge of $0.25 per strike would be a total donation of $128.75

Sponsor a team for a tournament or season. Using the form below, you can select calendar dates that correspond to any time period and can be aligned to a single tournament or a partial or complete season. Geordon’s 14U team collectively threw 2122 strikes in the spring season. A pledge of $0.05 per strike would result in a total donation of $106.10

Sponsor the Strikes Against Cancer Tournament each May. The inaugural tournament in 2011 included over 170 teams and over 3 days a total of 20,021 strikes were thrown. A pledge of $0.01 per strike would result in a total donation of $200.21


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